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  • Tinsel and the Christmas tree.

    Some fun facts and information about Christmas Tinsel!
  • Christmas tree lights.

    Seeing a Christmas tree twinkling with a string of lights is a magical part of the holidays. Lighting up a Christmas tree originated in Germany, s...
  • Christmas Baubles.

    A small post exploring the existence of the Christmas Bauble.
  • Queen Victoria and the Christmas tree.

    By the 18th century, Christmas trees were a tradition in Germany and their use started to spread to other counties in Europe. German emigrants bro...
  • Evergreens in ancient traditions.

    Well before we used Christmas trees to celebrate, evergreen plants were used to decorate homes and celebrate the winter solstice. The ancient Egyp...
  • Paradise trees and the origin of the Christmas tree.

    Did you know that the earliest form of Christmas trees and were known as Paradise trees and started in Western Germany? Originally used in a medie...